Group guidelines

Respect, love, and understanding

All Finding Our Voices activities and events will promote healing and post-traumatic growth by adhering to the following norms.


• Allies and survivors will create a safe, supportive environment where individuals may share feelings and experiences related to the challenges of recovering the sense of self and self-worth following the trauma of sexual assault.

• All who attend Finding Our Voices activities and events will respect confidentiality. Identities and conversations of attendees will be kept within the group.

• Individuals will accept all others in the group as equals regardless of race, ethnicity, age or gender identity.

• Each participant will be afforded the opportunity to share from their own experiences using “I statements” but will not be pressured to do so. Avoid offering advice and distractions created by side conversations.

• Groups will function by consensus, accepting and honoring differences of opinion, refraining from expressing judgment and demonstrating respect and civility. No one will monopolize the group’s time.

• Each participant, whether ally or survivor, will be aware of and strive to avoid offensive terminology and actions which may trigger others. For example, a participant might say, “Time out” “ I need a moment.” or “I’ve been triggered by . . .” As we strive to develop coping skills and self-direction, each participant is encouraged to speak up when triggered in order to receive and, in turn, give support.

• Finding Our Voices is non-sectarian. Recognizing that we come from a variety of spiritual/religious backgrounds and political beliefs, we acknowledge that this is not the time or place to promote one faith practice or political viewpoint.

• Groups are peer survivor facilitated. Anyone experiencing extreme stress may request one-on-one support from the facilitator or another participant.

• Survivors are encouraged to have a therapist. Finding Our Voices can assist in finding one who accepts sliding scale fees if cost is an issue.

Revised 12/10/21