Expressive art for survivors of sexual abuse

2-day Expressive Art Exploration

Join us for an expressive art weekend for survivors and allies of sexual abuse. These are two-day process art workshops are instrumental for healing. 

This year, ArtScapes begins with “The Room That Is Your Mind- What’s In It?” with Joyce Aubrey as the artist-instructor. By examining feelings, modalities of healing and core values, each artist created an original scratch art piece with amazing color and design.

Session I : February 11-12, 2023
“The Room that Is Your Mind”  Joyce Aubrey

Session II : July 8-9, 2023
Dale Mueller-Smith

Session III : October 14-15, 2023
To Be Announced

Presented to you through a grant from the HaGomel Foundation. 
Lunch and snacks are included.

“Who Gives A Scrap” Studio
810 Arcturus Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80905


July 8-9, 2023
Dale Mueller-Smith

“Off the Wall Expressive Art!”

with Dale Mueller Smith
We’ll use paper, ribbon, fabric, wire and paint to create sculptural wall art! We’ll put strips together in free form ways to create process based art!

Come ready to create and combine the mixed media into a one of a kind experience, expression, and piece of art!

You will experience two full days of reflection, camaraderie, and expressive art forms emphasizing process rather than product. It is more important to “do” the art than to strive to produce a flawless piece of picture-perfect art. ArtScapes is offered to you free-of-charge- including lunch and snacks- because a generous grant has been renewed. Your registration indicates your commitment to attend and actively participate each day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and to complete the pre and post event surveys that assess your post-traumatic growth and the effectiveness of the program.

To register, please send your name and email address

History of ArtScapes

In December, 2021 FOV founder, Joyce Aubrey was contacted by Elya Braden of the HaGomel Foundation offering a grant to provide expressive art experiences to survivors of sexual trauma. Presenting two-day process art workshops had been a dream of Joyce’s from the time expressive arts were instrumental in her own healing. The Board scrambled to design a program, secure a venue, create a budget and submit an application. And ArtScapes was born!

In 2021, we had 49 women survivors, allies, artists and therapists painted, sculpted, wove, stitched and created during a total of 8 days of post-traumatic growth and mutual support.

Presented through a grant from HaGomel Foundation

Self expression with paint

Trauma work with textiles

Guidance and inspiration