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2017 Annual Healing Retreat

Thank you for your interest in attending Finding Our Voice’s (FOV) 2017 annual retreat, The Power of Self-Compassion. From the evening of September 8th until the late afternoon on the 10th, the retreat will provide a powerful and compassionate way for women who have experienced the impact of sexual assault to recover personal strength and energy. The natural environment at El Tesoro retreat center, located in Woodland Park, provides participants with a series of opportunities to recognize their strengths, gain insight about self-kindness, and learn various elements of mindfulness for stress management. This year’s retreat has been extended into late afternoon on Sunday; therefore, we have included many personal care times for self-reflection, meditation, and socialization. In addition, we have scheduled breakfast to begin later in the mornings too. Woohoo!

We are asking everyone to please arrive on September 8th, and if this is not possible, please arrive no later than 8:30 am on Saturday morning as this will prevent interruptions. The path to growth and recovery sometimes involves reaching outside of one’s comfort zone, and it can sometimes feel awkward or uncomfortable. Because we understand this uncomfortable feeling, volunteer professional counselors will be available throughout the weekend to assist you whenever you need support. We feel strongly that each woman needs to be fully in charge of the level of reaching that is appropriate for her. You will have complete choice about whether you participate in any activity, and to what degree.

Schedule and Activities
Mealtimes, and some parts of each day, will be spent in a large group with professional facilitators and at least one counseling support staff. This retreat will provide you with a wide range of activities. Some will be educational and some will teach nourishing practices that you can use for stress reduction. Each morning will begin with a session of gentle yoga or expressive movement and mindfulness practices, suitable for all body types and levels of experience. Each day will include outside group activities, discussions, and personal time for art-work, journal writing, or walking.

The facilities are rustic, with unpaved paths between buildings and activity areas. Most activities will be held indoors, except for short mindful meditation walks and yoga. All activities can be modified to accommodate individuals with physical disabilities. If you have a significant disability, let us know when you apply so we can choose the location that will be the easiest for you to negotiate. Food will include healthy options to suit a variety of tastes. Please let us know on your registration form if you have any food requirements or allergies, and we will do our best to accommodate you. You are also welcome to bring your own food and store it in another available refrigerator. A full kitchen is available, if needed.

Lodging will be in cabins or lodges that are rustic but clean and comfortable. You can expect to share a room with two to three other people, with heat, indoor plumbing, and linens provided. Rooms will be available by first come, first serve basis.

Your chances of being accepted on a retreat will increase if you submit your application as soon as possible. After receiving your application, you will be notified by July 31st with further information.  If you have questions about the enrollment process, or about the retreat itself, you may contact Nancy Ward at or Linda Currell at

Note: Limited space is available and it is imperative that everyone turns in their application by its due date. If we do not have enough interest by July 25th, then the retreat must be canceled. Please assist us by turning in your application as soon as possible.  With sincere appreciation, FOV Retreat Committee.

Please Print and fill out or Copy and Paste into Word!

Finding Our Voices Presents:
“The Power of Self-Compassion”
2017 Annual Retreat
This is a registration form to attend The Power of Self-Compassion Retreat, September 8th to 10th, 2017.  Please print this page to keep and detach the registration form at the bottom. The fee to attend the retreat is $35 and is a required payment to attend.
Mail the bottom portion of this page in with your check/cash/money order to:  P.O. Box 1442, COS, CO, 80901, OR  give it to a board member.
**If you mail this in, please be mindful that mail takes a couple of days to process and send. Also, please email Nancy at or Linda at to notify us that you have mailed yours in, and if you have any questions.

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Thank you for supporting Finding Our Voices! We look forward to the retreat this September!

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